Eating well is a huge part of being fit and healthy. Good diet can be used to lose weight of course but it can also help fuel your training, help with mood and be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle There may even be things in your current diet that are making you sluggish, tired and feeling bloated.

Having lived in Greece and now having a home in Southern Italy has given me a passion for  great fresh ingredients based cooking. It doesn’t have to be complicated and a big effort to eat well.

When I first meet clients I ask them to supply a week’s food diary. It is important to make this as honest as possible and put everything in there. I often ask clients to keep a photographic record of what they are eating as an effective tool.  Keeping a food diary is both an exercise for people to actually realise for themselves what they are eating and drinking and also for me to help point them in the right direction and make changes where they are needed. Making sure there is a good balanced diet with sufficient hydration, mixed with a good exercise program will mean results come much quicker whatever your goals!

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